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Best Halloween Corset Costume Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner, and surely you are excited and also confused about what costume should go for this Halloween. At this special time, you get many parties plans to get a little hot, sexy, and flirty to show off your figure with your party attire. 

This Halloween skips all bulging attires you buy from the costume shop and wear something statement-making such as a corset. Corsets make you feel well, empowering and admirable. There are plenty of Halloween costumes with corsets that will make you feel stronger, chic and graceful. Here are a few ideas that will inspire you:

1. Goth Style Corset

This is the perfect time to go Goth. You can be a witch, sexy vampire, ghost pirate, nun, or any other dark lady. Black or dark-colored corsets over a long slinky skirt till knee length with slits( if desired). Wear accessories like high heels, thigh-highs, garter belts, skull pendants and a Dracula ring. To enhance the sexiness go with dark smokey eyes and Red lipstick. 

2. Corset Over A Blouse

Go with a lacy corset and style it over a soft, pretty blouse. This look will be like a salon girl with a snap. Wear a lacy or flowing skirt to look like an authentic lady of the old west. If you want to modernize and create a cowgirl look go with skinny jeans and cowboy boots. Wear a long corset to cover your jeans or skirt and accessories it with a hat and cross pendant. 

3. Burlesque Corset

Go with a Burlesque look this Halloween and get ready to turn every head in the room. Wear a skimpy bottom underneath or a lacy skirt( if desired). To be hotter go with a witch hat, black heels, and thigh-highs. 

4. Overbust Corset

Those who fancy a more bawdy look this Halloween go with an overbust corset which gives you several variations. Be a naughty nun with a skimpy black playsuit or dress, a Black PVC overbust corset, a white headdress( worn by nuns on the head), bold red lipstick, high black boots, and a bat pendant. This simple yet sexy costume will surely create fright and sensual vibes.   

5. Formal & Bride Style

Go formal this Halloween. Walk in the party being a zombie bride, or killer prom queen. Wear an underbust corset underneath or as a bodice paired with a flowing skirt. You can also be a zombie couple with zombie makeup, a bouquet, and a partner. 


This Halloween spice up your look with these costumes inspo and be a trendsetter. Corsets not only enhance your outfit it also provides a perfect look with personality. Be sensual, scary, and hot with these costume ideas.

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