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Celebrities and Corsets – Who Has Inspired Us Over Time?

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Abstract: Originally worn as an undergarment in Victorian periods, the corset mania is taking a contemporary bend of late, as witnessed in the street ilk of celebrities. Have you ever kept an eye on a film that takes place in the past and wanted to transit back in the period just to unravel some of the jolting fashion? 


Something that was initially used to uncomfortably clutch the waist and enhance a woman’s curves has now developed into surprisingly versatile apparel that can be outfitted for any event. Modern iterations are indeed softer, more breathable, and more elastic than the ones worn in the Victorian era. The contemporary renditions do an incredible job of sculpting the shape without narrowing the body. It's true to be noticed that corsets are everywhere around the globe now. Whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, or Tollywood, every megastar is supporting this early fashion trend to exist not because of the hourglass figure, but rather the comfort and convenience of choice it has opened for everyone to experiment upon in terms of fashion. 

Corsets were first dropped during the 16th century and slowly acquired acceleration until they came to be the 'it' entity, especially in 17th-century France. Corsets were the star segments in women's closets all over Europe. All the Netflix series, movies, or Bollywood fashion trends are inspired by this earlier wardrobe with few modifications to them. There are so many brands that are selling corsets with the utmost passion to bring about a revolution of thought regarding the piece of garment that was meant to oppress women. No, it wasn't! There are so many labels that have been working round the clock to make corsets a 'thing’ and not just a body shaper for women. It is a type of garment that can be fashioned in numerous manners without risking health. There are so many celebrities who have made a fashion statement and left an impact with their corset choices. Let us look at a few of them- 


  • THE KARDASHIANS- It is no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner ladies are popular for their style statement and the fashion trends they follow. Kim Kardashian has been popularizing the corsets since many of us were not even aware of it. She's bringing a sexy corset to lead the convention! The underbust corset top is an adjective that can be intimidating to some but not to Kim. She is an incredible entrepreneur, who combined her high-waist wide pants with an underbust corset, highly recommended for those who want or need back support and an hourglass figure. 
  • THE BRIDGERTON- The famous Netflix web series, Bridgerton has been the epitome of bringing corsets back in our lives. The role of Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor — is in a beaded, empire waist dress with an equally detailed corset underneath. In the early 1800s, women wore half-corsets, identical in stature to a longline bra. During the Victorian era, women wore full-length corsets that built an hourglass figure. We have been looking over each character in this series and the way they have been carrying corsets, either under-bust or over-bust. This series has for sure given way to the corsets that were relevant in earlier times. 
  • JAHNVI KAPOOR- Corsets are the trendiest wardrobe a must-have for every fashion buff in Bollywood too and Janhvi Kapoor is pecked by this fashion bug. Her offbeat pairing of the white crop corset top with the joggers is proof that Janhvi can do anything when it comes to fashion and also conveys that corset tops are indeed a trendy pairing with many available options like joggers or jeans. 
  • BETTY BROSMER- The corset is synonymous with Betty Brosmer, the famous embodiment/actress who was famous in the 50s with her strikingly miniature waist and outspoken personality. She glamourized the style and still stays one of the most well-known ambassadors of corset style even today. 

Let these celeb glimpses inspire you to exhume your corset style and have your very own Marie Antoinette moment. For the trend to unwind, we need to dispose of the long-held assumption that corsets are inadequate or an indication of patriarchal authority, or that people need to get ribs pulled out to breeze down.

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