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Celebrate Halloween The Hollywood Style

In Corsets

That time of the year is here when you can be extremely experimental- it is HALLOWEEN TIME!! It always amazes us how creatively our designs are used to form the spookiest looks. So this year we decided to step up and help with your costume formulation. Either keep it low-key or go for diva styled dress ups we will have your back. Corsets are the most versatile piece of fashion after all. 

This year we have collected some of the most petrifying looks of the era inspired from movies. 

The Bride
This look is inspired from the Corpse Bride, an animation by Tim Burton. This look is guaranteed to be a show stealer and insanely dramatic. For this look you need to put on a veil, our beautiful waist training white colored corset paired with a teal colored wig. 

Tip: to enhance your look contour your skeleton with colors matching to teal such as blue and green. Must contour the arms too. 

Coraline Mother
Having mentioned Coraline is enough to give you chills, but this looks steals your breath. This is inspired by Our Mother capable of achieving a horrifying yet elegant look. For this one you must arrange a dark colored wig and our Black underbust leather corset. You must paint your face white and use black eyeliner to draw dark veins giving a shattered skin effect.  

Tip: do not miss out on smokey eyes. 

Do not restrict yourself this Halloween. Be as experimental as you can, try each look go wild! 

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