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Corsets have been around since the 16th century. They were originally used to help people with medical conditions. Today they are mostly worn to give you a slimmer waist or to help you look best. Corsets are a great way to break in and shape your body. They can help you to get a more hourglass figure, reduce your waistline, and even help you to achieve a higher level of comfort in your clothing. Corsets are not just for making you smaller, they can also make you feel better in your clothing. This is why they are so popular, especially among women who find themselves having to wear clothing that doesn't always fit properly.

If you are going to buy a corset online, you need to ensure that you choose the right one. Not quite sure what your options are! In this blog, we'll go through exactly what you need to know when it comes to finding the right corset for your body type. 


Corset tops for women are divided into two types: Underbust and Overbust. There are several more distinct silhouettes under the two basic categories of underbust and overbust. When buying a corset, there are three things to keep in mind: straight or Rectangular body types, Pear-shaped body types, Hourglass body types. Corsets should be comfortable, but they should not be too baggy!


People can tell what body type they have by looking in the mirror, but only measuring your body can give you a more accurate reading. Layers of clothing impact the sizing. You should do this with most of your clothing removed. When sizing, make sure your tape measure is flat against your body. You'll need roughly 3 to 5 measures, and this is where you'll find them! Use our method and know how you should do it:

  • BUST- If you're getting an overbust corset top, you'll just need this measurement. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest region of your chest at nipple level, a little loosely.
  • UNDERBUST - Your underbust usually has a bra line that runs from the top of your ribcage to just beneath your breasts.
  • THE NARROWEST PART OF YOUR WAIST - This is normally an inch above the belly button, where your torso bends naturally. Keep the tape flat and allow for some breathing room by ensuring that you can fit at least one finger between the measuring tape and yourself, depending on how close you want one to be.
  • UPPER HIP - Your hip measures are taken just below the top of your hip bone, where your body bends naturally when you sit.
  • TORSO LENGTHThis measurement isn't required for all corsets, but depending on the type you're buying, here's how to figure it out! It's ideal to begin by sitting up straight in a chair with your back straight. The end of the measuring tape should be placed at your underbust line, to the side under the nipple, and down to the top of your thigh. If you have a smaller torso, it's essential to measure it so your corset fits you properly. When you sit down in a corset with an excessively lengthy torso, it will slip upwards or possibly prevent you from sitting at all. Consider where you want the bottom of the corset to stop when you're seated when taking this measurement.


Keep in mind that the numbers used in corset sizing apply to your waist size in inches when shopping for a corset. Sizes like "small," "medium," and "large" aren't used. Instead, numbers will be displayed: 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, and so on. As a result, knowing your waist measurement is an important step. The corset you buy should be four inches smaller than your natural waist measurement for most first-time corset users. Because corsets sculpt the figure using non-stretch materials and steel boning, it's important to get the right size and buy from a reputable manufacturer. 

A figure-flattering corset can help you get the body you've always desired. Buy a corset online with a little research, that will help you make a better purchase from an online corset store. You'll never look back if you choose the one that best fits you.

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